Scottish Rite Valley of Tallahassee

Scottish Rite Valley of Tallahassee

What is Scottish Rite

The mission of the Tallahassee Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ is to increase the knowledge of its members through expanded and enlightened teachings of the basic Masonic principles; to grow Masonic Fraternalism; to inform and...
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Why Scottish Rite? A Matter of Honor Remember when a man’s word was his bond? When a handshake sealed a deal? When a man’s honor meant more than on a piece of paper? These virtues...
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Children are tomorrow’s citizens and the hope for our world. The value of this philanthropy has long been apparent. Thousands of youngsters across the state of Florida have been helped significantly. With the excellent work...
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Scottish Rite Valley of Tallahassee

Voice of the Valley – Vol I, No.2, April 2023

Voice of the Valley in Tally Newsletter Vol I, No.2, April 2023 Managing Editor: Paul R. Swanson 32˚Executive Editor: Douglas G. Knowles 33˚ Appointed Officers... Read More "Voice of the Valley – Vol I, No.2, April 2023"

2023 SE Masonic Symposium

April 29, 2023, SE Masonic Symposium, Tampa, Florida Led by Ill Doug Knowles we journeyed to Tampa, Florida on April 29th as scheduled. Four of... Read More "2023 SE Masonic Symposium"

JROTC Award Program Presentation

Since 1998 the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction initiated a program of recognition for outstanding Junior ROTC students approved by... Read More "JROTC Award Program Presentation"

Spring Reunion 2023

The Spring Reunion of 2023 was a great success and an excellent time for all who attended, worked, served, and or were present supporting our... Read More "Spring Reunion 2023"

Words Poem, By John S. Nagy, Masonic Coach from his book, The Craft Perfected: Actualizing Our Craft.

Words Dated Words….give insights into Recent Pages. Old-Fashioned Words…Give insights into Nostalgic Cages. Rare Words…give insights into Possible Sages. Historical Words…give insights into Specific Ages. …