2023 SE Masonic Symposium
2023 SE Masonic Symposium

2023 SE Masonic Symposium

April 29, 2023, SE Masonic Symposium, Tampa, Florida

Led by Ill Doug Knowles we journeyed to Tampa, Florida on April 29th as scheduled. Four of us traveled to this Masonic event, the 3d one held but hopefully, it continues far into the future. This is a quick summary of the event.

The Masonic Pub Crawl: Freemasonry in America and its Colonial Tavern Beginnings, by Bro Robert Johnson, “Whence came you” podcast

• Correspondence with the Devine: As above so below by Juan Sepulveda, “The Winding Stairs” podcast

• The Taxil Hoax: A Conspiracy Against Freemasonry Daniel Molina

• American Masonry In France by Julian Mackenzie

• The Shoe and the Widow’s Son by John S Nagy, “Building Better Builders” podcast as well as YouTube videos

• Masonry, What Now? By Chris and Fred, “On the Level” podcast

Bro Robert Johnson was a virtual presenter. His presentation was dynamic and fun, a virtual pub crawl. The pubs where masonic history was developed and some American history was generated. https://wcypodcast.com

Juan Sepulveda presented the Correspondence with the Devine with the slogan “As Above, so Below”. The artist of our presenters had a place where you could purchase masonic art. He showed us the new telescope (Web) and how it is so much more advanced than the last one (Hubble). He then connected this to Freemasonry.

Daniel Molina presented the Taxil Hoax. Basically, a non-mason created several outlandish stories about Freemasonry which the public believed. He recanted just before his death. The effects were harsh in the public eye.

Julian MacKenzie presented an interesting story of Freemasonry in France and its history from WWII. It was quite a story on how Americans had lodges from that era that are still operating. The differences between the Craft in multiple jurisdictions are interesting.

The presentation by our own Masonic Coach John S. Nagy revolved around a Bible story and shoes. The story of Ruth and Boaz is very convoluted, and Coach Nagy helped in my mind to straighten it out. He always presents well, and I enjoy learning things from our past.

Chris Burns and Fred Packwood are a pair who together run the podcast called “On the Level”. They are working their way through a verbal review of the Florida Masonic Mentors Manual in their podcasts currently. They presented some of their successes in membership building for the last 8 months.