Coach Nagy Class 2023
Coach Nagy Class 2023

Coach Nagy Class 2023

The following is not an April Fools Joke. We are pleased to present to you a great new course from our Valley brother, Dr. John Nagy. See the following information regarding the seminar. He presented this information to 19 brothers in Marinna last year. All the brothers were very complimentary about the education. We will be asking each participant to pay $20.00 each to take the course. There will be morning coffee and donuts and lunch. Pass the word. We hope you will seriously consider being with us. It will be very worth your while if you are interested in learning more about why we are Freemasons.


The Scottish Rite Valley of Tallahassee is working toward having me do an all-day BBB Workshop this coming April 1st (No FOOLING!) for the Brothers and Fellows in the Tallahassee area.

What you can expect!

RITUAL 101: Understanding & Communicating Its Importance to Member Interest, Recruitment, & Retention


Understanding Ritual is crucial to understanding the purpose of our Masonic involvement. Those members who have an in-depth understanding of Ritual, its meaning, and its purpose in “making good men better” are positioned as both organizational examples and well-springs for members who want to strengthen themselves and maximize their participation in the organizational fellowship, ceremony, and beyond. This BBB Workshop focuses on applications of Critical thinking & analysis, the Socratic Method, and the Trivium to Ritual to support Masonic pursuits, membership recruiting & member retention.

It will include, but not be limited to, the following areas of focus:

1) Interpretation Basics and Improvement
2) Esotericism – Organizational & Personal
3) Realizing Masonic Perfection in an Imperfect World
4) The 11 EA Working Tools (Yes, ELEVEN!!!!)
5) The Actual Master’s Word and not some misunderstood Substitute!
6) Completing Your Temple & Beyond

All interested parties should contact a Scottish Rite member or contact the Valley office by email at for further Information.

Update – 4/1/2023

Most of the group attending John S Nagy training today. Some brothers were camera shy. No worries. Fantastic time today.